by Devin Burgess

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A lot of things have changed from The Elegant Project to now. I've matured, and changed views about a lot of things. This body of work i a product of all those things. I'm really about progression, and that's all i wanted to do, was progress. I consider this to be modern Boom Bap. But all in all, SoulMusic. Which means, music that feels good to listen to and you feel something after listening. Don't wanna ramble on too long. But thank you to everyone that was involved. I love you more than words can express. More good music to come in the future. Respect. Peace, & Love yo.

- Devin Burgess


released January 13, 2014

Production Credits: Oddisee, Skip Sanders, DA, Nu Vintage, Thelonious Martin, Elaquent, EqualStatus & oriJanus, Knxwledge, Willy Sunshine, Hazel, and Pete Cannon.

Featured Credits: Nick "Uneek" Brock. Saxon "Akeem" Hall" Jonathan "Jonscious" Ferreri, & Seth "Slirsch" Hirsch.

Mixing by Joey "JK" Koehling, Luke Schamer
Mastering by Devin Burgess & Joey Koehling



all rights reserved


Devin Burgess Cincinnati, Ohio

Just a nigga that loves hip hop. Plain and simple. I rap and do my thug thizzle. Click that play button. Peace and love

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Track Name: Intro ft. Akeem [Prod. Oddisee]
[Intro by Akeem]
Big D…? Nigga who the FUCK is Big D!?!? that nigga some bullshit man.

[Verse 1]
Ayo these raps are my cathartic release
My bars will increase, every time that I target these beats
I’m armed with a fleet of rhymes ready to spar, and defeat
These garbage emcees. Mad corny, your harvest in reach.
Aye hold up. Please chill, all that yelling on the track got you
Sounding like Meek Mill, just looking for cheap thrills. If my
Glass is half empty I’d be searching for refills. That third
Eye vision is scary, these niggas just see hills. Get the concept?
If you rappers in the house feeling presidential
I’ll corrupt the building just like it’s congress
My conquest, I’ll conquer. It’ll never be concluded
A pro with my cons, you confused on how I do it, this ain’t no contest
That progress I’m bout that. You profound? I doubt that.
Food for thought, the games at stake. When beef is served you prolly outback
Pitch dope, where the mounds at? I’ll fuck this game dirty. Raw
And break out, no herpes, but stay in this bitch forever. Get the valtrax

The game was numb but I’m the blood that brought the feeling back
Can’t say I’m wack, or that I never spat the realest rap
I’m kinda into that. Tried to tell these artist to
Be themselves it seems that they can’t even do that simple task
Ain’t got no gimmicks. It’s feeling you niggas hearing.
My plan? Is keep my lyrics unlimited, no cricket
The simplest shit can surface, they slither their words with serpents
Word to Allah, my raps ahead of these niggas like a turban. Perfect

[Verse Continuation]
Is what the flow is like, the price of staying focused right?
Dave Chappelle, I’m cold as ice. Sometimes I be thinking I’m Dolemite
Won’t catch me doing this flow too much on this shit cause that’s the stereo type
Me? I’m somewhat a rebel. Giving a fuck bout what the stereos like
*what the fuck he be doing?* Spazzing on the beat
Fucking slapping all you rappers. Hope you grasping your defeat
Fuck it. I’ll tag you in the streets. You fucking fags be acting sweet
Can hear the passion in my v-o-i-c-e. It’s Big D. Nigga

Yeah… Whatever that was aight….
Track Name: Untitled [Prod. Skip Sanders]
Somehow my mind gets enlightened sittin' in the dark
Notebook on the table, brain is swimming in alcoholic thoughts
I'm drowning in flows, and yet, I float and row with Noah's Ark
Animal. But you can't duplicate my flesh in ventricle parts
I mean where should I start? Life's a drama a mystery
Filled with karma and misery. Propaganda and history
Through this pain Imma make my way to this industry
And never leave (leaf) but just branch out, resemble the winter trees
Looked at my purpose, I think I was placed to serve the people
The Earth is lethal but I'll mislead you from words that's evil
Done so much left in my life I hope I can do right
But now, I'm having a blue night, by a bruised life, like 2 fights
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
So I get back up, try again and walk a lil longer uh
This ain't the yellow brick road but know I'm a wizard at this
Courage and heart, you can sense it in this lyrical shit....

[Verse 2]

Food for thought, this is fried chicken and rolls
Collard greens and yams and a glass of Kool-Aid that's cold.
They say my shit is relaxing, well that's the itis in you holmes
When this meal enters you, know it's homemade cause it'll touch ya soul
With no high blood pressure, don't stress 'bout diabetes
Sweet 16s for the hungry, dummy supply the needy
Put ya hand on my chest, I'm giving you shit that's heart felt
And still keeping it dope as if I supplied the whole cartel
It seems like everyone's a character, no comic con
Squares worshiping the triangle, like you polygons
I'm probably on some other shit, sending transmissions to the
Mothership, plotting how to overthrow this government. But,
That's for another day for now, I'm just rhyming
Reciting and writing. Using this bottle to catch lightning. Uh.
Wisdom and metaphors. Lyrics that could kill em and
Sever four rappers just to knock em off that pedestal.
Oh, and you know I got hella flow

[Verse 3]

But I'm much better than that
I have more class and elegance so I reflect and just laugh
I let the skeptical pass, collect respect and plus cash
I think I'm destined to pass, every contestant that lacks
Some sort of passion, why you rappin' if yo ass ain't serious
You make a track, fuck around they all feel it. But when I make some real
Shit they ain't hearin' it you must be delirious. I put
My muscle, blood, sweat, pain, and every tear in this... Wait.
Think that's the alcohol talkin' shit
Let me sober up and simmer down before I call it quits
They downplay my sound wave when I said I'm a rapper
Judged this book by the cover like they wrote the story and closed the chapter
Doesn't matter if I'm sober dog. Did you get the message?
At the end of the day, my craft, you must respect it.
Anyway. I ain't tryna hear it. I think I'm touched
This whole song I've been talkin' to ya spirit, a little too much...
Track Name: Mass Hysteria [Prod. DA]
We take it back like… yo
One time for ya mind.
And it don’t stop and it don’t quit
And it don’t stop and it don’t quit
And it don’t stop and it don’t quit
Ha. Drum the drums nigga
To the ones that never heard of us
Get to know us we the fucking rap murderers
Sleeping on me setting fire to yo Serta bra
Raps all false we got the truth like Sojourner bra
What. Now we all up in yo area
Raps too fat for these niggas to jim carrey us
Be a man and quit acting all scary bra.
Ugh. Bout to cause mass hysteria

[Verse 1]
*He’s good. That guy’s good* Hell na bitch I passed that
In..vest in my rap tracks, my nigga, like it’s NASDAQ
If ya life a movie, it’s only because ya cast acts
These class acts try to test me, bet they won’t pass that ugh
The type to shoot? Well I’m dropping bombs over Baghdad
Dog in person, you furry now. Pussy, take a cat nap
Exposing these faggots on wax tracks, like I’m Kat Staxxx
When I’m depressed, I swear I put your music on to laugh at
Fuck a backpacker and swag rapper with snapbacks
Their content is about chicks with bad backs, and cash racks
And that’s fact. I hope you never make another record
Black king, be seeing red… I ain’t playing checkers
Rook, you’ve run into a knight, that’s preaching verses like a bishop
Since you haven’t upgraded from a pawn, yo I ain’t fucking with ya
My queen been beautiful ever since she was born. Shit I’m
Just playing games with you niggas only because I’m bored. Good Lawd

To the ones that never heard of us
Get to know us we the fucking rap murderers
Sleeping on me setting fire to yo Serta bra
Raps all false we got the truth like Sojourner bra
What. Now we all up in yo area
Raps too fat for these niggas to jim carrey us
Be a man and quit acting all scary bra.
Ugh. Bout to cause mass hysteria

[Verse 2]
Tryna make sure these niggas never rap again
I’m dope. If my cd sells units, I’m drug trafficking
I hope these niggas bitter, but turn sweet, like saccharine
You broke. Explain what happened to all that cash you was grabbing kid?
Shit. See we just do this with no effort. Tryna
Show Cincinnati, my talents lyrically better
But these wack artist keep getting recognition. Well I’m gon’ take that
Venomous. Keep biting imam show you how a snake act
Told you I’m Clark Kent. My raps are so super.. Man
They wanna kick it well I kick niggas up out they Supra’s. Damn
See D, don’t wanna converse with you. Hit the van cause you basic
32s from you’s equivalent to me if I spit a 6 (asics)
Get it? Now that was ya last warning
Like biggie when he was paged at 5:46 in the morning
If you don’t take the advice that means you ready to die
Some call me D. Fat rapper. Tell me who’s lyrics as heavy as I?


Track Name: Tell-A-Vision [Prod. Thelonious Martin]
Started off small time. Now I feel big as ever
Masking smiles cause I'm about revolution, Vendetta
All of my Jams Def. Lyrically, I whoop rappers up
But Imma keep it rolling like a nigga ghost riding trucks
Drive got me Ford focused. Move forward like Toyota
The space in my mind is on Saturn when I'm not sober
High off this life shit. The weed I put down right?
Done washed my sorrows so many times I think I drowned twice
Razor blade in my wallet I keep it there as an option
Nothing stays in my pocket, could use that quarter back probably.
Some call this real shit. For me, I'm just venting to ya
The Moses of Hip Hop. Listeners, yeah I plan to move ya
Depart like the Red Sea, I hope that it never happens
I'm searching for my freedom. Wait, I can here my shackles cracking
Slave to this rap shit. Got the product, they never listen
Nigga watch me wash ya brain if you let me just tell a vision

Poison the mind, leading you to be blind
Discourage you all the time, distracting you from your grind
Their facts become fiction. Punk you into religion
But fuck the tube and the system nigga find your own wisdom
Tell you you're not beautiful, belittle you if you're unusual
And have originality, I think it's fucking sad to see
These naive people are controlled with that mentality
You let em brain wash you, learn to take your own shower see
Our rights don't mean shit now, they spit rounds if you don't get down
Or try to make you skip town. Round here we don't play that shit now
We made some shit that's never been broadcasted
Screaming, "Fuck your network" until we see your orgasm
My nigga, don't pause that. Stand up for something don't fall back
They walk on your body like doormats. Got money? They taking like all that
We sick of the lies all yall telling yeah we caught that
2 middle fingers to the screen, fuck your damn broadcast.
Track Name: Please ft. Uneek [Prod. Nu Vintage]
[Verse 1]
My nigga rest assure
The style nourish the body just like a vegetable
If you think that you can see me check ya retinas bro
I’m not a prostitute but best believe I’m next to blow
*nigga that line was wack as fuck* You must respect it hoe
I got grade A music. Come and test the flow
Ya girl like what I’m about, she undresses slow
And she was lying when she told you that less was more
WOAH. Yo Swear that I’m a mack with this
And a nigga hasn’t got paid off this rapping shit
Currency. The stonned fans say I’m immaculate
But little do they know I only half ass the shit. Ugh
We all know these cats average
The next time I see you with a mic yo I’ll snatch the shit
You just do it for the cash, you ain’t passionate
Hip hop’s a highway. You the reason why the traffic thick.. my nigga

Aye I’m just doing what I do. *what you do?*
Making moves til I pursue *Oh*
Everything I want *what* everything I need
Gotta worry bout you and stop worrying about me. Nigga please
*My nigga please* (2x)

[Verse 2]
He spit it like a loaded gun
The chosen one. The written done broke his thumb
Got a big mouth? Better close it son
I flow for fun. And you the type to smoke and run
Elevated slow motion. Um. The dopest from
East coast where we froze the sun.
Sticky icky flow grown locally with high
Potency. I tell em don’t stand close to me.
I’m just doing what I’m supposed to be
Tryna paint a picture that the pope can see
And hopefully I’m dope like a coca tree
So look clos-e-ly I keep flows that the ocean breads
I did it all by myself, no coaching me
There’s no hope for you broken seeds and it’s
Not over til I say it is. I’m just
Doing what I do. That’s the way it is. Son

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 3]
See that’s the problem with you niggas. Shit is timeless if you listen
Take the time to hate on mine? Go smoke the ganja to get lifted
Why your mind all in my business? Go and better your craft
Lames claim they ain’t a snake, I see your head in the grass
There’s a point I need to ask. Why you bashing the music?
But in retrospect, you’re taking the time to listen to it.
That don’t make no sense (cents) shit. Go and get some dollars
And get off my dick, while I make these hoes holla. Hold up
The shit I say will leave grown niggas embarrassed.
Ain’t fair *He don’t go hard* I bet I will (wheel) like ferris
Bet that boy spit sick like there’s infections on my larynx
Flyest nigga in the atmosphere. I’m a Tuskegee Airman dawg
Ha. You niggas average.
The next time I see you with a mic, yo I’ll snatch the shit
You just do it for the cash, you ain’t passionate.
Hip hop’s a highway. And I’m praying that you crash ya whip. Nigga

[Hook] (4x)
Track Name: Feeling Back ft. Jonscious [Prod. Willy Sunshine]
[Verse 1]
As a musician it’s something I can’t explain
If you listen you can feel it and get a glimpse of my pain
If my shit touched your spirits, my lyrics can’t be contained
Yo I be vibing so hard the sane claim I’m deranged. Like.
They don’t understand, the music’s just infectious
Dawg it’s wild how I spit fire then it starts spreading. Hold up
It’s a blessing. This talent that I’m possessed with will
Have me killing competition, pen is a deadly weapon. Yo.
This for my fam who I plan to make they lives better
Peace to all those rats in the trap that tried to deny my cheddar
My plan A through Z. Failing’s not an option
My 15 minutes will be in a second nigga now watch him
The higher life with no marijuana influences
No pairs of designer shoes and shit. It’s just music
The game was never dead. They just cut off the circulation
Now they refuse to take the meds. The nerve of these patients
The difference between me and these rappers. Yo I’d die for this
Just to let you know, I don’t take this shit as a joke
Ugh. So. While you turn up, imma zone out.
I got the drive for hip hop I’m just tryna get her home now

[Hook] (2x)
My man. Just vibe with me bring the feeling back
Zone out baby girl. Chill. Relax
Some dope shit on the radio we’ll get it back
Ha. Got you saying “Yo how real is that?”

[Verse 2]
I celebrate hip hop. Cause I don’t buy in
To the silence of what a righteous man’s writing
What’s it mean to be scorching the track?
What’s support from your fans if its virtue you lack?
Where’s the fortune in that? Gone
Along with the moral standard. I don’t chase cash
That’s what fate’ll handle. Yeah I’m a
Hungry artist, but I got table manners.
I wanna save the damn world. And I’m not alone
I’m just a pot of gold. Like the stars and moon
And if I’m honest, this music is all for you. Some will
Call me a fool. Well that’s not far from true.
A moment of silence for those who don’t speak up
In music we trust. To get it through to the people
That can’t see the big picture through a peep hole
So I’m hoping to open doors with
Vocal cords that can throw this war
Overboard into an ocean with a flow that’s pure.
Yeah… SoulMusic
Track Name: Find You ft. Akeem [Prod. DA]
The most beautiful people are the saddest
It’s gotta feel like you stay in hell
The thought that go through your mind, I can’t imagine
I know you wanna be loved as much as you hate yourself
Now all these people saying you crazy
Heard it so long you start to believe it
But I see faith when I gaze into your eyes young lady
It means nothing unless you look in the mirror and see it

I hope to reach your spirit, because you need to hear it
I swear you have the strength to be nothing but fearless
Your house is feeling like less and less of a home
In a room full of people is when you feel most alone
That patron had you on a roller coaster
Figure if you’d drown in bottles, you’d find your emotions. Stay focused
Don’t like to listen but I need for you to trust me
Don’t ever associate yourself with the word ugly. You’re lovely
Stop the tears, you don’t need the stress
Really you just need to smile more and maybe think less
Say you’re not enough. Ayo that claim is ridiculous
When it’s coming from a person who’s beauty’s conspicuous
Yo you sell yourself short. Depression settled in
You can feel it, yeah you said it. You don’t wanna get tested
Now your parents not believing you. Times like this when you need em too
I comprehend why you think life is unbelievable
You’re not alone. We gon’ overcome these obstacles and
Prove that happiness isn’t farfetched and illogical
I’m not sure if you need some advice
But you shouldn’t have to cry yourself to sleep every night.
I wish you could see, just what I see in you.
You’re such a blessing. Here’s your reflection if needed proof
Soul is fluorescent I’m guessing it’s shades of green and blue
Presence is prevalent even when you leave the room.
Look, so imma need for you to
Meet with these voices and demand that they’ll be leaving soon
See what I speak is true. I know it’s dark but when the
Storm clears, you’ll shine and this delicate seed and breathe and bloom
Let positivity find you
And just in case you forgot, let me remind you
With every step you take know that I’m right behind you
And when I know that you’re alright, then I’ll be fine too…

[Refrain/w Akeem]
And I’ll be fine too
When I know that you’re okay then I’ll be fine too
Let positivity find you…

[Solo from Akeem]

You just gotta believe it…
Yeah. You just gotta believe it
Track Name: Look of Love [Prod. Elaquent]
What is the look of?
It got something to do with um.
Being a man and handling your biz
What love got to do with it
*j dilla shit*
You know that love is (4x)

Big D be on that love shit.
And you’ve barely seen an ounce of it
I can’t wrap my mind around why you won’t bounce and shit
Been together a couple years. Yeah that’s lovely
But now, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Girl trust me.
Constantly stressed out, can barely eat or sleep.
No appetite. And you up all night to catch em if he creeps
See that’s a shame, I know you stronger than that.
And every day you claim you can’t go any longer. In fact
I know you’d rather be in this relationship. Steady sad as shit
Instead of being alone and focused on your happiness
We both know he doesn’t love you at all
But when he put his hands on you that should’ve been the last straw
Oh you didn’t think I knew? Well I saw it from the start
You gave it away because you’re wearing black shades up in the dark
It’s the middle of summer, ya neck wrapped up in a scarf. And
This the same man who you vowed to give your heart?
Some self-respect, mixed with dignity is what you’re lacking
It’s just a little advice, not relationship bashing
I look at you and I truly start to tear up
Cause you can’t even see there’s still beauty in the mirror
Ugh. Just listen to your soul. Gotta let it go
Your heart was meant to shine, just gotta let it show
Best believe I’m always there if you need to talk
When you’re sick of all this pain just get up and walk
Away. Cause girl. You know what love is

[Hook] (4x)
Track Name: Shine (Interlude) [Prod. Knxwledge]
Without music life would be a mistake
And I love it so much, that’s why I see it as great
Shit I was chillin in the womb, all I could hear was a beat
And now I hear it at all times. Never keep it discrete.
You see I wanna make that timeless fucking music for days
And at the same time I know my future children could play
Like leave a legacy to make em feel proud of they pops
In hopes they’ll understand the culture and the sounds of hip hop
As for now? Shit my focus is to educate youth
Teach these kids not to be concerned what radio do
That’s too many politics. Encourage them to get out they art
And when they’re lost, I’ll lead em on the right path to start.
Ugh. And don’t believe the images up in these videos
Show the girls their more than just ass, hips, and toes
You’re beautiful and smart. If they can’t see it then they’re blind
Just prove em wrong baby girl cause you were meant to shine.
Yeah… you were meant to shine.
Just wanna see you shine
So shine.
Track Name: Starving Artist Anthem [Prod. EqualStatus & oriJanus]
Nigga I’m broke as fuck.
But like a first shift job, I feel like I should get paid when I open up
Only a dollar and a dream. You can hear my wallet scream
Living this way just make it seem like life is bogus bra.
Meth was right. Cash rules everything around me.
If I ever get this cream then my nigga I’m outtie
This rapping for free is underrated. I need a check
Built up a tolerance where the sess won’t even ease my stress
I need a ref. I’m not official enough
It’s a crime the way I rhyme. Ayo these bars make me resemble McGruff
Can my music get them residuals huh?
Without lies and compromise having to make my rhymes simple enough?
The only selling out I’ll do is of arenas
I’m Martin hip hop’s my Gina. We’re in love please believe us and.
Yo. I gotta prove that I can make it to that
Mainstream light, with some underground flava. Like.

You know I’m rapping kinda ill yall
But fuck that I need them dolla dolla bills yall
My folks can barely pay the bills yall
So say it with me if it’s something you can feel yall
I’m tryna make money money. Make money money money! (2x)
And if not we gon’ take money money. Take money money money! (2x)
Track Name: The Vent [Prod. Nu Vintage]
Ayo I’m tryna fuck the world but it aint nothing but a pipe dream
They want that dope. I try my best to supply fiends
Got high dreams of prolly crusing in a white/cream
Bentley or a Lexus with Alexis. Eyes is lime green
I put time and effort in my music.
It’s free too. So it’ shouldn’t be a hassle just to listen to it
Right? See that’s the mentality I thought you had
But people make me feel as if all of my shit is trash
I appreciate the ones who steady fucking with me
I understand it’s more difficult to go indie
From shows, to pushing out singles on the internet
And a couple of cyphers. These fuckers aint found a nigga yet
Shit. And I know takes time
But I promise that it won’t discourage me from my grind
All these people vibe to my shit. Bumping my rhymes
And say that they can relate. I swear the feeling’s sublime
It’s not enough though.. And being local got me loco
Shit I could prolly go toe to toe with a pro. Yo
Don’t mention me with these shitty fucks in Cincinnati
Maybe I should switch to trap to make you niggas happy
It’s good music and you barely have to pay for shit
But what the fuck I gotta say to make you think I’m saying shit
The things I spit, you savor it. Until you get the flavor.
It’s good for the soul. This ain’t a game. But this that player shit
Kobe Bryant of my city. Hope up on a Laker dick
I stand by my product, hell no I won’t change for shit
These slave artists sign deals for a whip and a chain
If that’s the case then find a tree to be hanged… Hung
I love blacks. But you fucks are steady on my nerves
So I try to uplift your spirits while I’m rhyming these words
Ha. If I’m the only one that tries to save em
Our people gonna be the death of our own population
The fuck happened to standing up for your rights?
Never fall without a fight, standing tall throughout the night, huh?
You can’t expect everything to be handed to you
Just work hard if they don’t hand it, you demand it to you
I’m the spirit of Huey and Malcom just watching
Time take its toll. Hoping for a better outcome
Soon we won’t have anymore history
Keep at it, shit, it’ll be the end of we
The Lord’s happy with me cause I’ve learned to repent
Baptized my soul in the devils poison, bet that washed away my sins
God, family, and culture is what I represent
I breeze through these airy strings, that’s why I’m calling this the vent.

If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack
Maybe you’ll love me when i…..
Na. fuck that.
Track Name: Groove 2 The Beat [Prod. Moka Only]
Drifting back. Uh huh. What
Big D. Moka Only hold up
Ugh. Yo It’s SoulMusic hold up
Ugh. J. Dilla what up.
Tribe Called Quest what up
Check. Vibe with it. Feel it.

[Verse 1]
Aye let me know if my rhymes scaring ya. Ha.
If so, dig a hole and kill yourself sir. It builds character
If not. Do it anyway. Your presence is a nuisance
Like a reverend with the music it’s a blessing to consume it
Ugh. Watch this flower straight bloom into a daffodil
Years later you muthafuckas is rapping still
If you grab a deal you’d be satisfied with half a mil
Me I want lobster and steak. My pockets screaming happy meals
Gave it your all and yet you pump mediocre shit
You ain’t dope. Yo strand is wack. What kind of weed smoke is this?
These muthafuckas rap and look alike
Straight acting like a bitch. The Rasputa type
Not concerned what you clowns classify as competitors
Can miss me with the talk about who’s better bra.
Shit. Go on a rampage. They think it’s funny
I’ll prolly jack son for his jewles (Juels) but be cool honey bunny
Ha. This an elaborate description of how wack you are
Hip Hop I mastered the elements, a black avatar
Let us (lettuce) get the cheese and carrots now I’m bragging bout a
Salad bar.. how you ill if this is where the talent starts?
You are listening to anti ignorance. The
Fans might feel it, but ya man’s not into it.
For whatever reason I got em still listening.
In order to hate, shit you had to listen kid

This for my nerds in the burbs and my dudes in the street
We gon’ rock to the rhythm and groove to the beat just
Rock to the rhythm and groove to the beat like
Rock to the rhythm and groove to the…
This for my nerds in the burbs and my dudes in the street
We gon’ rock to the rhythm and groove to the beat just
Rock to the rhythm and groove to the beat like
Rock to the rhythm and groove to the beat. Aye hol’up

[Verse 2]

I pray this reached the masses
It’s music to make you think as if I’m teaching classes
I’m in ya mind like a shrink you can’t believe this happened
I bring the funk like I stink, you know it’s real once you blink. And your
Subconscious in sync (N’Sync) just like you’re Chris KirkPatrick
Take it in like a drink. It’s food for thought. I wanna open ya mind like kitchen cabinets
Ha. And though i’m rhyming. This ain’t simple rapping.
Just know I got ya back like expensive fabric in a casket
Emcing, breaking, and scratching, is what you niggas lacking
Spraying graffiti on the walls of my city
I want you all rolling with me, standing tall as we rise up
Subtract the haters, add the believers, the can’t divide….us
I pray this reaches the ears of Dilla up in the sky
Gave me respect, and dapped me up and say “my nigga that’s fly”
See I wanna introduce that soul to the world
And show that we can all glow without the jerry curl

Track Name: Dope [Prod. Hazel]
Go… Feel It
Ugh. Y-yo feel it.
It’s fantastic. Ugh. Feel it.
SoulMusic like..
Right… Right.. (4x)
One time.. For ya mind.. (4x)

Girl I got the weed and blow that you need
Got it for the low cause I know you fiend
So baby lets roll and smoke with me
I know what you need (2x)

This is more than life. Lyrics they help you breathe
Melodies pump the blood to increase the longevity
Drums where the heart is. Every kick represents a pulse
Intertwine them all, and every time you gon’ get some soul
This is that crack rock. The plan is to overdose
And you never gon’ detox, let that poison just take control
Syringes are in ya arm. You sniff all my dope lines
Reality is dark. One hit of this and ya soul shines
Jonesing from withdraws. The feeling just ain’t the same
Need it because you fiending like please take away the pain.
Buyer? Well I’ll supply ya my prices are dirt cheap. Cause I
Hate to see a customer of mine looking so weak
Got it back in ya system. You search for that first high
Long for that first tune. So much you can touch the sky
Impossible to abuse it with this you just flow through it
And it’s exclusive….. this is dope music
Yo they call this shh dope music.
Now. Overdose to it

Track Name: FSU (Fuck Shit Up) ft. Slirsch [Prod. Pete Cannon]
We take it back like.. yo
One time for ya mind
Open ya chakras dude
Ha. If you never heard the term, I’m probably talking to you
Like.. like.. like… ugh.

Jump up and ready to fuck shit up now shit (8x)
Go left.. Go left… Go left right left (x4)


Are you living, or you just existing?
If life’s a game, then you don’t wanna loose that competition
Fuck the world even if you ain’t in the right position
Nigga listen we tryna enlighten you with wisdom. Ugh
This is a test and yall are failing yall assignments
How you open to the world and yet you living closed minded? Ugh
Theory. Philosophy. Teach you bout the chakra yo the
World ain’t what it seem, since birth, you were told lies patna
From this point on, don’t let a nigga tell you shit
Question everything. Assume its false if there’s no evidence. Ugh
Expose the brain to the 7th dimension.
Yo heaven is glistening. The devil tricks with hellish intentions
And telling his henchmen we’re weak. And that we all fear him. How?
When the demons are inside us. Oh you hear me now?
Take that fist of yours and raise it
Make em fucking change shit until we’re dead. Cruising in that spaceship.
Take this.


[Verse 2]
I’m not a man. I’m a manifestation of molecules and
The universe’s law. And What it chose to show. And everybody
Hopes to know and make a new theory. New theory.
Then they’ll become the crunchiest cashew in the nut grove
It ain't just want government that have got a double standard
What about people ruthlessly defending scientific answers?
If it defies evolution, harpoon it. It’s superstition.
That’s superstitious, mass hypocrisy and all the schools your kids in
With that kind of thinking there wouldn’t have been advancements
“If it clashes with our current understanding then it’s false
Forget the facts I’m just believing what I’m told” You trapped in
Trances like an LSD induced desert based music festival
The same strategy under the oppressive regime of China’s propaganda
Hateful eyes against the healing miracles of Falun Dafa
Literally millions of modern medical miracles throughout the 90s
Unexplained. You hate in vain and break ya thoughts.. lost in your findings



Big D putting on for Cincinnati
One time one time ugh!
Track Name: Great [Prod. Knxwledge]
What if I left today? Would they put me in a
Special place? And is it safe to say I’ll get to heavens gates?
Is it bad that I questioned faith? And did you
Really listen, or have my fans been lead astray?
Some think it’s sad I can’t control my own issues
When I die I hope you all take a piece of my soul with you
Ugh. Yeah. Leave my legacy with the listeners
In hopes the next 5 generations can feel it bra
And as you lookin’ at my tombstone
Celebrate my life, don’t act like the grooves gone
Never shed a tear. Just recognize the dude’s home
My only wish is bump all of my shit. Not just 2 songs
Fuck.. Am I worth ya time
To study every verse and line? Know I’m slicker than turpentine
I mean. All I wanted to do was birth a rhyme
In hopes that someone heard it and they felt they soul burn inside
I wonder if I accomplished it
I bet nobody even thought of it
Well now it’s too late
As long as the beat is banging bass they don’t give a fuck about what you say
So while you dudes hate.
Imma do great..
Just let me do great…
Yeah… let me do great…